WorkSource Weekly Email is Changing!!

WorkSource Weekly, currently sending emails under the ESD GP Tacoma WorkSource News account, is moving! In the next few days, our email messaging will be transferred to an online messaging platform called GovDelivery. GovDelivery is a tech company based in St Paul, Minnesota, providing an email and SMS messaging SaaS platform exclusively to the public sector.

Why the switch?

In recent months more and more email servers (such as AOL, CenturyLink and Yahoo) were refusing delivery of our email messages, suspecting them as spam. As GovDelivery serves only the public sector, emails are far less likely to be marked as spam and our email account blacklisted.

What does this mean for me?

We will still be sending emails from WorkSource Pierce to the same recipients as formerly, with the hope that our emails will reach a population that, due to the aforementioned blacklisting, never reached their destinations. The emails you receive from us will now come from either of the following email accounts:

  1. WorkSource Washington <>
  2. Washington Employment Security Department <>

Additionally, as we are now using an email service, you’ll notice an Unsubscribe button in our email footer. Removing your email from our list is now as easy as clicking that link!

Our existing email account, Tacoma WorkSource News, will remain open and operative. If you have questions or comments, you may send them to this account or email Kim at

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