Commissioned Artists Needed!

Call for Commissioned Artists

McMenamins Hotels, Pubs & Breweries, Inc., is seeking experienced Tacoma, WA-area artists to be commissioned artists to create paintings for a new property renovation project in downtown Tacoma. The project is composed of the former Elks Lodge, which will be transformed into a hotel, restaurants, bars, and meeting spaces. We are specifically looking for painters at this time.

Original artwork has long been an important component and attraction at McMenamins hotels and restaurants.  Each individual property features art derived and inspired by its site-specific historical events and characters and those of its surrounding community. There are also frequent artistic nods made to McMenamins’ history, music and other sources that have influenced the company’s evolution.

We rely heavily on a team of historians to provide artists with local history, photos, and subject matter.  They look through all of the information and come up with a composition that illustrates the unique story they want to tell and then bring it to life by painting it. The intersection of the people, the history, and the artist’s personal style produces paintings that are sometimes surreal, humorous, or at other times moving. Our style as a group has been called “historical surrealism,” and “painterly illustration.”

If you would like to be a part of this process of transforming the Elks Lodge in Tacoma, please meet the following basic criterion.

Qualified artists will possess the following:

  1. Ability to create paintings that illustrate specific stories or ideas, but also the ability to make art that combines various influences and stories. History and reference materials will be provided to you should you work on this project.
  2. You must be able to demonstrate that you are proficient at composition. We are not looking for a single figure in the center of a blank field. You can provide us with images like this if it illustrates some aspects of your talent, but also provide us with examples of more complex compositions.
  3. Proficiency in figurative work. Almost all subject matter is based on specific people, so paintings often have at least one or more people in them.
  4. Capability to work on provided MDO board using acrylic paint.
  5. Ability to work at a large scale. Sorry, no miniatures! The typical scale is around 38” x 48”, sometimes larger, sometimes much larger.
  6. Willingness to share copyright with McMenamins.
  7. Availability to start within the next few months.

You are strongly encouraged to look at some of the artwork done over the years to get a sense of the art that has been created for the company. You can do this in several ways. The best way would be to visit an actual site such as the Anderson School in Bothell, WA. Another good way would be to install the McMenamins App on your phone. There is a good Art section on the App. You can also go to the website, and look at examples of artwork by location.

To apply to be part of the team of commissioned artists, please contact us at Only painters need apply. Your application should include the following:

  1. A link to a digital portfolio (website, Facebook page, Flickr account, or a similar format) that demonstrates your proficiency in rendering likenesses and figurative work used within the context of a composition; do not just show us figure drawings.
  2. Available start date.
  3. An indication of your interest in also doing decorative work on site in Tacoma, WA when we get closer to the grand opening of the property

Please make sure your contact information is included. A résumé or CV is appreciated, but not necessary for your application.

Thanks for your interest!


2 thoughts on “Commissioned Artists Needed!

  1. To whom It concerns,

    I have worked as a mural artist for nearly 30 years. My projects include public, commercial and private murals. These murals (more than one hundred) can be found in seven U.S. states, although primarily in the Pacific Northwest.
    My painting style is often realistic, including “Trompe l’oeil” illusions. I also paint in abstract, representational, regional, historic, landscape, and graphic patterns, whatever is required and appropriate for a project. Distinctive to my work is the incorporation of decorative finishes and gold leaf to historic patterns and architectural details. My long experience in framing, installation, and restoration allows me to adapt to many surfaces requiring preparation and preservation.
    Flexibility in my commissions and proximity to my home in Tacoma makes me ready and available for this project.
    Please consider me for the McMenamin’s Elks Lodge project.

    Janice Warren
    415 East 82nd St., Tacoma
    (253) 302-3534


    Janice Warren (b. 1953)
    415 E. 82nd St., Tacoma WA 98404

    graphics on Flickr:

    Masters in Education, Heritage University, Seattle WA 2010
    Certification in Public Art, Bellevue Community College, 2002
    Gage Academy, Trompe l’oeil study, Seattle Academy of Fine Art, 1999
    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Quincy University, Quincy Illinois, 1975

    Commissions and Collections Collection, Bellevue WA, twelve murals (2002-2005)

    Merrill Gardens Collection, Seattle WA (and five western states) fifteen murals (2002-2017)

    Cherry Street Espresso, Seattle WA, four murals (1999-2016)

    Assaggio Ristorante, Seattle WA, (1996-2016)

    University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle WA, silver gilding display (2016)

    Certificated Teacher, Tacoma Public Schools, elementary curriculum, social studies and art, 2011 –
    Certificated Teacher, Renton Public Schools, middle school social studies, 2010-

    Tacoma Murals Project, lead artist roster (2011-2016)
    This program is sponsored by the Tacoma Arts Commission. The program links neighborhoods
    with needy walls to artist teams who create collaborative, culturally distinct murals.

    Kathy Feek, Art Director, Evergreen Hospital, (206) 999-5632,
    Ms. Feek handles the art collection and commissions for the medical complex. I created an undersea
    mural for the pediatrics floor.
    Karen Neuhard-Forsythe, Art Program Manager, University of Washington Medical Center,
    (206) 598-6308, Ms. Neuhard-Forsythe manages art acquisition and
    collection for the Medical Center. I executed large silver leaf panels for display.
    Marcia Wall, lead interior designer for Merrill Gardens and Pillar Properties, (206) 441-4522


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